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The Native Irish Honey Bee

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Apis mellifera mellifera  

NIHBS 2021

Produced by the Native Irish Honey Bee Society

Forward by Thomas D. Seeley

The Native Irish Honey Bee Book

  • Is a collaborative work produced entirely by volunteers. Each chapter was contributed by different beekeepers and scientists with varying backgrounds, skills and experiences.
  • The forward is written by world-renowned bee scientist and author Professor Thomas Seeley.
  • This book is self-descriptive and includes a wide source of information on the native black honey bee including narratives on evolution, genetics, history and conservation.
  • With practical ‘How-to’ sections on bee improvement, plus real-life stories from commercial beekeepers.
  • To encourage beekeepers to choose Apis melifera melifera (the native black bee) and to discourage the buying and importation of non-native honey bees.

Produced by NIHBS in Ireland.