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Quest of the Magic Wells Síonna

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Malcolm James Griffin

Michael Terence Publishing


The ancient shamans of Eriu, Ireland, understood the rites of passage and initiations to help them remain in close relationship with the Earth, awakening that deep Aislingeach state to change their personal myth, and endure obstacles and challenges to overcome their lower impulses and wounds, and heal themselves, empower and inspire.

Griffin explains that at the hearth of shamanic healing is the concept of the Light Body the ancients knew as the Wells, that are believed to surround our material bodies. The author shamanically unveils the ancient teachings of these Magic Wells, through Ireland’s sages, bards, druids, ollamh, and the draíodóir, teaching the reader how to embody their values and attributes to step courageously as a warrior on the path of happiness.
Set in the depths of the Rainbow Isles off the western shores of Chorcu Dhuibhne, a most extraordinary and mythical place, beautiful marriage between myth, spirituality and soul takes place. Embodied within are elements of magic, sorcery, wonder, escapism and the extraordinary, with themes that include the embodiment of Goddess energy, desire, delusion, self-denial, courage, forgiveness, compassion, love and vision.
Through this union and dance of nature with the spiritual, the reader will learn how to quest and walk the path of a leader, and fearlessly delve into the unknown depths and heights of self in order to acquire that inner suaimhneas, and birth the true soul desires into being!