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Alan Toogood



All sorts of greenhouse, garden, and house plants can be propagated from cuttings, using only a cold frame or some sheltered ground. Budding, layering, grafting, division, and raising from seed are also simple operations once you know how—with the added satisfaction of obtaining new plants at a fraction of the cost of buying them.

This manual explains all the techniques clearly and simply, illustrating the process with more than 80 diagrams and photos. There are also chapters on the uses of modern materials and equipment, the history of propagation, and the care of young plants after the propagation period, to ensure complete success.

Comprehensive alphabetical tables cover the propagation of over 1,500 different kinds of plant, making this book as invaluable for the horticultural student as it is for the home gardener. For each variety the chart indicates the most suitable methods, times of year, and conditions—greenhouse, cold frame, outdoors, or indoors—to propagate successfully.