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What the Curlew Said : Nostos Continued

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The Classical, Eastern and Amer-Indian legends that have informed Moriarty’s life are recreated or re-enacted in this deeply personal document, which is rich in encounters with the physical world and tender episodes of love and loss.’ – Tim Robinson

‘Quitting the myth of rationality for the deeper rationality of ancestral myths, with an enlightenment as searching as the double quest – Creation and Fall – of the Bible and the Buddha, John Moriarty’s masterwork Nostos tells the story of his own life and the life of all those stories which our species has been sharing since the first annals of the primal savannah. It is a great book this, the greatest Irish book since Ulysses, and its subject is the same august and Augustinian one – the City of Man and the City of God.’ – Aidan Carl Mathews

‘Moriarty is a Kerryman who has walked the earth listening like a water diviner for rumblings underneath. And everywhere he goes he finds the same thing. That human beings in our grey modern clothes are cut off from the earth. Cut off from our deepest psychic energy. And this sense of loss is something he addresses with a wide variety of texts, from every corner of the globe, and almost every period of history. In one sense his achievement is to offer an insight into modern Western loneliness. That is the philosopher in him. But there is the poet as well. And the eclectic collection of stories from all over the globe and every part of history, rendered to us in the author’s very original voice, is itself an act of poetry. In Nostos Moriarty has surpassed all his previous achievements. Because it is in the recording of his life, that his passionate imagination finally makes sense – and here he has recorded his life expansively and clearly and movingly. It is written in exquisite Irish-English, it’s a unique voice, and it sings through in every page of a beautifully made book.’ – Michael Harding, Sunday Tribune

Author(s): Moriarty, John,
Binding: Hardback,
Date of Publication: 01/12/2014,
Pagination: 380 pages,
Series: N/A,
Imprint: The Lilliput Press Ltd,
Published By: The Lilliput Press Ltd,
Book Classification: Biography & True Stories,
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9781843511243