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Oein DeBhairduin

Deirdre Sullivan

Illustrated by Yingge Xu

Weave is a collaboration between writers Deirdre Sullivan and Oein DeBhairduin, with the artist Yingge Xu. Weave illuminates the myriad ways in which we appreciate and carve out connection with each other and the natural cadences that hum around and within us. Encompassing eight original stories linked to important dates in the traditional wheel of the year, this book weaves older threads into contemporary spaces, inviting us to celebrate both the big feasts and the everyday wonders. Accompanied by rituals, recipes and tinctures, Weave offers a unique immersion into the rites and rhythms of honouring an authentic embrace of the world.

Published to mark the transformation, within and without, occurring on the solstice/equinox dates each year.


Skein Press 2022