Felicity Hayes McCoy and Trevis Gleason in conversation

Date: Fri 30 Jun 2017
Time: 8pm

Free/saor in aisce

Caint agus Craic!
Felicity Hayes McCoy and Trevis Gleason in conversation

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week we’ve invited two of our local writers who have made their home in Dingle to compare notes. What brought them here? What do they love (or not) about the place? And how does it inspire their writing?

Based partly in London and partly Back West, Felicity bestrides the Irish Sea. She is the author of two bestselling memoirs The House on an Irish Hillside, and Enough is Plenty; A Woven Silence, a tribute to her aunt who played a significant role in 1916. She’s also published two novels, The Library at the Edge of the World and Summer at the Garden Café, and a personal guide to the area Dingle and its Hinterland, (Collins Press 2017) with photos by her husband Wilf Judd. She blogs at felicityhayes-mccoy.blogspot.com

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1966, writer Trevis L. Gleason had lived a life many would consider quite full by the time he was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis in 2001 at the age of 35. Once Youngest Coastguardsman of the Year in Michigan, he subsequently managed a successful career as a chef until his world came crashing down.

His memoir Chef Interrupted: Discovering Life’s Second Course in Ireland with Multiple Sclerosis (Collins Press 2017) recounts his experiences with wit, honesty and self-effacing humour (plus recipes) and explains what drew him to Dingle. A book on Dingle dinners will be published in the autumn.

Trevis is now a leading voice for people with MS and a multitude of chronic illnesses. His blog, Trevis L Gleason’s Life With MS, is one of the longest running, most widely read and respected on the topic. He also writes regular blog posts for the MS Society of the United Kingdom as well as for the National (US) Multiple Sclerosis Society.